Dermal Fillers

A natural result of aging is your skin losing volume, hydration and elasticity. All of which you need to maintain a youthful, healthy-looking appearance. How fillers can reverse your signs of aging:

Loss Of Facial Volume: As we age, the fullness of youth is lost, which is most evident in areas such as the lips, cheeks, and eyelids. By restoring volume, fillers are able to directly improve a gaunt appearance by filling in hollow or sunken areas.

Tissue Sagging: As skin ages, it atrophies, which affects the appearance of skin under the eyes, around the lips, the chin, jowls, and the area between the nose and the mouth. Fillers can correct these areas.

Deepening Of Facial Folds And Wrinkles: With age, wrinkles and facial folds become more pronounced. Fillers are able to erase moderate to severe wrinkles, and folds such as Laugh Lines (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth), Marionette Lines (lines Lines from the lips down to the sides of the chin), and Corners Of The Mouth (downward pointing lines emanating from the corners of the lips, which give the appearance of a grimace).

Dermal Fillers in Brantford, Ontario
Fillers in Brantford Ontario

Consultation and Appointments

Who does the procedures? All Dermal Filler procedures are performed by Dr. Calotti ONLY to ensure safe, professional results every time! The overall goal of every procedure is to obtain safe, cosmetically-pleasing and NATURAL-appearing results that you will be happy with!

Where are the procedures done? All appointments are at the Great Lakes Eye Centre, where patients are seen for both Ophthalmic issues and Cosmetic procedures! No need to "sneak in the back door of a spa" or hide yourself in fear of others noticing you!

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