IPL Hair Removal

How does IPL hair removal work?

Highly controlled pulses of light are applied on the treated area and are selectively absorbed by the hair follicles beneath the skin surface. The absorbed light heats the hair follicles, which damages the re-growth potential of the follicle - all without damaging the surrounding tissue.

IPL Hair Removal treatment is generally administered in a series of four to six sessions that yield excellent long-term results. Significant hair reduction is already visible after the first session.

Hair removal in Brantford Ontario

IPL arm hair removal
IPL back hair removal

IPL armpit hair removal
IPL hair removal for chin

Consultation and Appointments

Where are the procedures done? All appointments are at the Great Lakes Eye Centre, where patients are seen for both Ophthalmic issues and Cosmetic procedures! No need to "sneak in the back door of a spa" or hide yourself in fear of others noticing you!

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